Internet Packages and Offers for Mobily Users

Mobily is a telecommunication company of KSA providing its services since 2004. They offer 3G/4G internet services along with phone call service in the Saudi region at a low price. 

Connecting with people in a country or all over the world is the need of time. Everyone wants to live online. They prefer to buy the services of a fast and cheapest network and Mobily is one of them. Because people trust on it. When people buy the SIM card of mobily, they try to know about different internet packages. They offer a list of internet packages for some time at low SRA.


The Internet has become a powerful tool and everyone wants to be a part of this online world. In recent years, people are using smartphones and they are easy to use and give access to the internet. Before buying a SIM card person check their internet service and packages. So, every telecommunications company tries to provide quality and cheap internet service to its users. Mobily tries to create economical packages for their users and provide them a fast-speed internet across Saudia. 


Types of Packages

Mobily gives a huge kind of packages. They offer two kinds of packages Prepaid and Postpaid.

Prepaid Packages

Prepaid customer is that who pays all the bill up front before taking the company’s services. So, for prepaid offers, you have to recharge before activation of any Mobily internet package. The cheapest package for the prepaid customer is 150 MB in SAR 5 and it keeps valid for 2 weeks. Mobily offers a lot of prepaid packages of the internet. Later you will see a long list of certain packages.


Postpaid Packages 

Postpaid customer pays at the end after using the company’s services. In the case of postpaid users, Mobily offers many internets packages at a low cost. You can check and select the package you like. The cheapest package for Postpaid users is Mobily Postpaid 50. This valid for 1 month and you can activate it only for SAR 50.


Detail of All Mobily Internet Packages

Now, it’s time to discuss all the internet packages and offers offered by Mobily. You want to enjoy fast-speed internet after paying a little cost. Next, I will give you all information about various internet packages, their cost and time duration. I will tell you how to unsubscribe from any offer after its subscription. You can find all information in the below chart.




150 MB 2 weeks SR 5 750 750
500 MB 2 weeks SR 15 5100 5102
1GB 1 Month SR 30 6100 6102
2GB 1 Month SR 50 7200 7202
5GB 1 Month SR 75 7300 7302
10 GB 1 Month SR 95 7050 7052
10 GB 3 Months SR 165 6070 6072
20 GB 1 Month SR 135 6300 6302
20 GB 3 Months SR 220 8200 8202
50 GB 2 Months SR 210 7090 7092
50 GB 3 Months SR 260 8070 8072
100 GB 1 Month SR 160 7080 7082
100 GB 3 Month SR 320 8080 8082
300 GB 3 Month SR 450 300 N/A
600 GB 6 Months SR 900 606 N/A


**Price does not include Value Added Tax (VAT):


Mobily Internet Package for Social Media

Social media is the basic need of the time. Everyone uses it to build up his social impact and to influence others. We can chat and share our life stories on social media. So, mobily know its importance and offer packages for social media users also. Mobily gives you 1500 minutes to all networks in Saudia with 10 GB of data for social media apps(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube). The time duration of this package is 4 weeks. For activation of this package, you need to write 150 and send it to 1100 and Mobily will active your package for social media use. The cost of this package is just 150 SAR. 

For inactivation of this package, you send this code 0150 to 1100.

Internet Setting Code of Mobily

Many people don’t know about internet settings on Android Mobile with using Mobily. This is an easy process of internet setting within a few minutes. With the right internet setting on android, we can experience fast speed internet. Once you complete the internet setting on your android mobile, you will use mobily internet packages without any issue.

For the internet setting, you have to follow these instructions.


First, go to the setting option. In further options, you will find and “Access Point Name”. And now add or set these settings:


Name                                     Mobily internet

APN                                       Web2

Proxy                                     Not Set

Port                                        Not set

User                                       Name Not Set

Password                              Not Set

Server                                    Not Set

MMSC                                     Not set

MMS                                       Proxy Not Set

MCC                                       Keep default

MNC                                         Keep Default

Authentication Type               Not Set

APN Type                                 Default, Supple

APN Protocole                          IPv4

APN Roaming Protocole        APN Enable/Disable


MVNO                                       Type MVNO Value


You can use internet packages of Mobily after this internet setting



Can I check my Mobily Package?

Yes, you can check. You just need to dial *222# on your mobile and your screen will show the result.

How to subscribe to Mobily internet package?

This is very easy to subscribe to any of mobily package you want. Type the activation code and send it to 1100, your package will be activated.

How to recharge Mobily prepaid card?

You can buy different vouchers from your nearest shop or market in Saudia. On the other way, a mobile app of mobily allows you to recharge.

What is Mobily data recharge code?

Recharge process of Mobily:

*1400*recharge code*Enter Your ID or Iqama Number#Press OK



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