Check Iqama Expiry Date Without Absher [MOI Query in KSA 2020]

Here we have explained secure methods to check Iqama expiry date and MOI Query in Saudi Arabia. You can also see Mehna status, Validity, Kafeel name, Red Green colors, funds, fines, fee, Wazarat Amal, and Absher details with the help of our easy guide.

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There are two methods to check iqama properly.

  • Absher
  • Wazarat Amal

But we will also provide a few hints which will help expatriates to perform this procedure efficiently.

As we already know, Saudi Govt has recently launched Absher Portal, and all the Expatriates related services shifted to Absher. MOI and MOL portals are no more providing any Expatriates related service.

Note: Saudi Govt and Maktab amal recently launched Wazarat Amal Portal system where we can make an inquiry about iqama. It is easy method for 2020.

In this situation, It is best practice to have an Absher and for every expat in KSA.

There are two methods which are working these days. We will discuss both ways in detail and explain everything step by step.

Check iqama Expiry without Absher (Wazarat Amal)

1: To check expiry now, just write “Wazarat Amal” in Google Search and click on the first result. Or just click here to visit the portal.

wazarat amal

2: click the below mentioned three lines

maktab e amal

3: here, click on “create an account.”

4: In case you cannot understand Arabic, kindly change Language into English from the above options in the portal.

5: write iqama number in this step where we have mentioned in the below photo.

iqama expiry date

6: Click on calendar option and select the Hijri calendar into Gregorian then write your date of birth in English Format.

7: Now, write the captcha code below and click next.

8: Now, you can see the iqama expiry date, as mentioned in the below screen along with many other details like Date of birth, gender, place of birth, Nationality.

If you still have confusion in this procedure, then kindly watch this video to understand all processes.


Iqama Validity checking with Absher Portal.

In this method first, we need the Absher app, or we can access this portal on the web browser.

So after obtaining Absher on the mobile app or either on the web, Now we need to register Absher account.

First step: open the app and click to Register new account option:

absher registration for iqama status

Second step: Now, you need to fill this form, so do it according to the given photo.

iqama registration

Note: Fill the above form fully accurate according to your Visa and Passport details. Add correct phone number because they will send a verification code to your phone number.

Step three: After doing all this you will receive a code on mobile just write that code in your Absher app, and that’s all, Now you have an active account to check iqama validity details.

Now let’s see the procedure to check the iqama expiry date in this portal.

Step Four: Enter log in details in this login panel, write the captcha code, and click login.

absher login for iqama

Step five: After making a login, Now you need to click on Timeline, and you can see your iqama Expiry date.


Few More methods to check iqama

We have discussed two best methods above but there are a few more methods which can be easy for non-technical people. As we know there is a big number of Labour in KSA.

So this kind of person can ask any educated person in their area to check their iqama expiry details. Because there is no restriction to check multiple iqama numbers on one Absher account.

Iqama issuance date:

In the renewal procedure, Maktab Amal usually asks for the issuance date of Iqama, and it is mentioned on your card, you can quickly check it.

Kafeel or sponsor:

If you have transferred your Iqama recently, then you can only check Kafeel’s name with the help of Absher. You can also check the Nitqat color of your company in the portal. I have explained the colors in detail here.

Maktab Amal:

Saudi Wazarat Amal introduced Maktab Amal Department, which deals with iqama issues. It is an essential department for expatriates and has offices in all big cities of KSA.


This department provides visa related services for Expats, including Exit re-entry visa and iqama transfer issues. You can check the visa and iqama fees in Jawazat Department.

Iqama insurance:

Expatriates must get health insurance during stay in KSA. There are three main categories of protection. It doesn’t expire with iqama expiry, but you can check its expiry on the health ministry website.

Nitqat colors:

Expatriates need to check Nitqat colors; otherwise, It can create issues in iqama renewal. So I will recommend checking Nitqat colors regularly and confirm if your sponsor is under a green color.

Exit Re-Entry:

Many people get exit re-entry Visa and become worried because they are unaware if they need valid Iqama during this process or not. So I want to inform if you have a valid iqama, then you can efficiently perform exit re-entry. But after coming back, you need a new iqama according to a new profession.

Iqama Funds:

If you have funds in your iqama account then Maktab Amal or Jawazat department will deduct renewal fees from available funds in your account. In case of penalty or traffic violation, your fines automatically deducted if you have funds in your iqama account.

Iqama Fees:

As we know Saudi Govt frequently changes iqama fees so we have made another post to inform about updated fees schedule. You can visit our post to know how much fee you need to pay in case of iqama renewal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if Iqama Expires before the final exit?

In this case, you should contact Kafeel or company; they can guide you better. Because it is necessary to have a valid iqama if you are living in KSA as Expat. Your Kafeel can provide you Iqama right after you reach the airport so that you can stay safe in the country.

I hope this infographic will help to understand the complete procedure.

infographics iqama expiry

If Iqama expired, how to go exit?

You cannot get exit without clearance from Kafeel. If you are in contact with Kafeel or sponsor, they can help in this matter. Otherwise, jail is the only way. You can go to the police station they will send you in prison, and after a few days, they will send you back to your country.

What is a penalty on Iqama?

If the police caught you with an Expired iqama. Then Govt will send you to jail. Now you should contact the sponsor, and the Kafeel can renew your Iqama.

But if you don’t have contact with a sponsor, then-Police can send you back to your original country.

So this is a list of penalties in case you police caught someone with expired Iqama.

  1. Jail
  2. instant Deport
  3. hefty fine
  4. Jail until your sponsor contact police

What to do if Iqama Expires while on vacation?

You should come back before expiry; otherwise, govt can stop you at the airport, and this situation will create a lot of trouble for you.

Your sponsor can help in this situation. But to keep yourself safe, it is best practice to extend Iqama before going on vacation.

In the past days, it was somehow easy to live in KSA without a valid iqama. Primarily people used to live in small towns with this status.

But after the computer system implementation, it is straightforward for police to catch an illegal person. Because they can check and verify everything with only a thumb impression.

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