iqama expiry date checking with Wazarat Amal

Now it is easy to check your Iqama expiry date in Saudi Arabia because Govt has Launched easy portals to help expatriates like Wazarat Amal or MOL.

These online portals including Absher, Ministry of Labor, and Ministry of interior help to know all the details related to your iqama.

let’s see how we can check expiry date easily with few clicks.

List of facilities you can check with the Absher account regarding your iqama validity.

  • Expiry date
  • Mukhalfa
  • Kafeel name
  • Penalities
  • Fees
  • Huroob
  • Renewal dates
  • Traffic violation fines
  • Red green status
  • Muqeem details

you can see almost every detail related to Saudi iqama validity with help of iqama number.

check Iqama expiry date or validity status online with Wazarat Amal or Absher

To check iqama expiry date first we need to register on the Absher app. So before checking we will share the registration method.

It is necessary to live in KSA for Absher registration and iqama expiry checking purposes.

Now we are sharing the complete method for registration and checking your iqama info on Absher.

1: Firstly, search for Absher in the browser.

Now click on the below-mentioned option “individual”.


absher account

2: Secondly, click on “English” if you are new in KSA.

absher language

3: Note: if you have already registered on “Absher”. Then write the username and password. Here we also need to enter the image code and click on the login.

But if you are not already registered on Absher. Then follow below registration process.

Absher Registration service

4:click here on NEW USER option

iqama expiry checking for new user

5: Now fill all the details as I have explained in the below image.

Now, You will get a verification code on your mobile number.

Note: Please enter all the details correctly including iqama number and date of birth

iqama registration

6: After completing phone verification. You have successfully registered. Now login in to the Absher app and click on the relevant option to check iqama expiry date details.

Wazarat Amal Easy Method

If you are not able to make an account in Absher or it looks complicated then there is a simple method you can check in the Wazarat Amal portal by MOL.
here is the link.

Convert Hijri Calender in Gregorian

If you have received the iqama expiry date in the Hijri calendar format. Visit the below link and convert it in English date format or gregorian calendar. Because Saudi Arabia Follow Hijri Calendar.

iqama date Converter

If you think Absher registration is difficult to process. So you can check iqama expiry date with the help of the Ministry of MOL portal in the Wazarat Amal section.

But you can only check iqama expiry date on that portal nothing else. While you can check many other iqama validity-related problems in Absher.

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  1. what will happen if the sponsor will exit the iqama before the expiration but the person wants to stay for 1 month in saudi arabia..

  2. Good day sir I have problem with my Iqama some one use it with any mobile number when I check it online like Zain Virgen mobile and STC the worst thing is they use it for post paid in STC and there is a bill around 7400sr do I obliged to pay for it or should I make complain about thise matter please help me.


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