Check Iqama Expiry Date in 2020 [Easy Method in 1 Minute]

Now Saudi Govt has updated rules so You can check iqama expiry date only with help of Absher. We will explain all the procedures in detail.

You can also watch a video at the end of this article which will help you to check your iqama details. You can also check Expiry with help of visa or passport numbers.

To check iqama details or any other details of expatriates you first need to install Absher. Then you need to follow this procedure.


Note: It is almost not possible to stay with expired iqama or Huroob Especially in big cities because of digital systems. So kindly try to renew your iqama as soon as possible.

Iqama expiry checking new method with Absher

write your username, password and captcha here and click to login


Now you have entered in the portal so click bellow mentioned arrow.

check iqama expiry

Click on “query iqama expiry service”

In below fields type your iqama number and captcha code then press view button it will show the expiry date of iqama.

Iqama Expiry on phone:

Now iqama expiry facilities also available for Android and iPhone. Just visit play store and install it. It is easy to check all details related to iqama, Visa, and passport.

You need to register yourself in the Absher app on the phone before checking any detail. It is also necessary that you are living in KSA during the Absher registration process.

Because this app sends a verification code that can only receive within Saudi Arabia. MOI and MOL departments can also help in the registration process.

What to do if iqama Expires before the final Exit?

In this case, you should contact Kafeel or company they can guide you better. Because it is necessary to have a valid iqama if you are living in KSA as Expat. Your Kafeel can provide you Iqama right after you reach the airport so that you can stay safe in the country.



If iqama expired how to go exit?

You cannot get exit without clearance from Kafeel. If you are in contact with Kafeel or sponsor they can help in this matter. Otherwise, Jail is the only way. You can go to the police station they will send you in jail and after a few days, they will send you back to your country.


What is a penalty on the Expiry of iqama?

If the police caught you with an Expired iqama. they will send you to jail. Now you should contact the sponsor and the Kafeel can renew your Iqama.

But if you don’t have contact with sponsor then-Police can send you back to your original country.

So this is a list of penalties in case you police caught someone with expired Iqama.

  1. Jail
  2. instant Deport
  3. heavy fine
  4. Jail until your sponsor contact police


infographics iqama expiry

What to do if Iqama Expires while on vacation?

you should come back before expiry otherwise govt can stop you at the airport and this situation will create a lot of trouble for you.

Your Sponsor can help in this situation. but to keep yourself safe it is best practice to extend iqama before going on vacations.

In the past days, it was somehow easy to live in KSA without a valid iqama. Especially people used to live in small towns with this status.

But after the computer system implementation, it is really easy for police to catch an illegal person. Because the can check and verify everything with only a thumb impression.

This video can also help you to check iqama expiry date with a new method in 2020:


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  1. what will happen if the sponsor will exit the iqama before the expiration but the person wants to stay for 1 month in saudi arabia..

  2. Good day sir I have problem with my Iqama some one use it with any mobile number when I check it online like Zain Virgen mobile and STC the worst thing is they use it for post paid in STC and there is a bill around 7400sr do I obliged to pay for it or should I make complain about thise matter please help me.


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