Check Iqama Expiry Date in 2019 (Easy Process)

To check the expiry date of your Iqama must follow the bellow image and click the below link.  In the first field write your iqama number in send field write captcha code which is mentioned above the field and then click on the view button.

Check now

iqama validity

Iqama Expiry app:

Now iqama expiry apps also available for Android and iPhone. Just visit play store and install it. It is easy to check all details related to iqama, Visa, and passport on the apps.

What to do if iqama Expires before final Exit?

In this case, you should contact with Kafeel or company they can guide you better. Because it is necessary to have a valid iqama if you are living in KSA as Expat.

check iqama expiry


If iqama expired how to go exit?

If Iqama has expired then you can not get an exit. If you are in contact with Kafeel or sponsor they can help in this matter. Otherwise, Jail is the only way. You can go to the police station they will send you in jail and after a few days, they will send you back to your country.


What is a penalty on Expiry of iqama?

If the police caught you with an Expired iqama. they will send you to jail. Now you should contact to the sponsor and the Kafeel can renew your Iqama. But if you don’t have contact with sponsor then Police can send you back to your original country.

What to do if Iqama Expires while on vacation?

you should come back before expiry otherwise govt can stop you at the airport and this situation will create a lot of trouble for you. Your Sponsor can help in this situation. but to keep yourself safe it is best practice to extend iqama before going on vacations.

This video can also help you to check iqama expiry date:


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  1. what will happen if the sponsor will exit the iqama before the expiration but the person wants to stay for 1 month in saudi arabia..

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