STC Internet Packages and Offers in Saudi Arabia [New]

In this article, we will discuss the STC internet packages and offers, so if you are living in KSA, this article will be extremely helpful for you. 

STC for Saudi Telecom Organization, generally possessed by the state, is a market pioneer in Saudi Arabia with the best coverage and speed all through the nation: mobile coverage.

It began with LTE in 2010 and covers around 90% of the population by 2015, which is just focused in a couple of towns on 1800 MHz (band 3) and 2300 MHz in TD-LTE (band 30).

They have declared to close off 3G services forever in 2020. STC channels now its prepaid items, generally to the new brand of Jawwy (see beneath).

Starting in 2019 5G is accessible in some places of Riyadh, Jeddah, Makah, Medina, and Damman. Toward the end of 2019, they changed logos.

STC calls their prepaid arrangement SAWA and is accessible at any of their stores or any cell phone shop.  (Store finder) for SR 31.5 (charge incl.) with SR 25 credit.

A SAWA SIM is valid for 90 days from the activation date. Validity can be extended to 90 days for credit and to 360 days for SIM, utilizing any paid service like (making a call, sending SMSs, credit revolving, buying into SAWA bundles or offers).

If you perform any paid activity for 90 days, the credit will be deducted.

If you perform any paid action for 360 days, the service will be dropped. 

Recharge cards are accessible from SR 10 to SR 300 offering 5 to 300 days of service validity relying upon sum. To top-up by voucher, enter *155*<voucher PIN>#. Or on the other hand, top-up online with the internet. Credit card.

Data by default is SR 2 for each MB called Easynet. This can be activated by messages 2002 to 900 and deactivated by 2001 to 900. 

STC Internet Packages NEW

These bundles can be activated on the SAWA pre-paid card:


Price Data Social Media Call Validity Activation Code
SAR 30 1 GB 1 GB 200 min 4 Weeks 7030
SAR 65 2 GB  5 GB 500 min 4 Weeks 7065
SAR 90 10 GB 200 min 4 Weeks 7090
SAR 110 5 GB  10 GB Unlimited Call  4 Weeks 7110
SAR 160 20 GB Unlimited Unlimited Call  4 Weeks 7160
SAR 220 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited Call  4 Weeks 7220

To activate any package, you can send the code through text message to 900. To all prices add 5% tax. Social media includes YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

Voice and SMS allowances are on-net only. All daily packages are once-off, all monthly packs auto-renew. To stop sending a  text message “7009” to 900, to check balances text “8888” to 900. For more data, you can add the Data Keys bundles below as well by the relevant code.

Data-only SIM

STC has also launched a new  SIM with data only once called QUICKnet, now also Data Keys. It is also open to 5G and can be used with the same packages for SAWA plans. 

You can activate these packages:





Social Media





15 400 MB 400 Mins  1 Day SR 15 7015
Daily 200 MB 200 Mins 1 Day SR 10 8111
Like 2 GB 2 GB 5 GB 500 Mins 28 Days SR65 7065
Flex 8 GB 200 Mins 28 Days SR 90 7090
Share 5 GB 5 GB 10 GB Unlimited 28 Days SR110 7110
Post 10 GB 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited 28 Days SR 160 7160
Star 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited 28 Days  SR220 7220

Activation is by sending code through an SMS to 900. Add 5% tax. Check the balance by *166#.


STC has released “Jawwy from STC” in 2016. It offers a new customer care model and completely new plans. A special Jawwy SIM is necessary to use the service, but users will be able to use their current numbers.

Jawwy App

Everything is revolved around the Jawwy mobile application that permits you to fabricate, share, and manage the plan in real-time, rather than purchasing bundles.

The app offers a simple route for clients to activate offers without calling customer care or visiting a store. The Jawwy application is available in both iOS and Android versions and in English too.


You need to purchase their SIM card first online to be conveyed to Saudi-Arabia or offline in a unique click and collect store (locator) and download their application. These starter packs are accessible: 

  • 30 SR with 25 SR credit = minimum base plan with 1 GB and 100 mins for one month. 
  • 70 SR with 10 GB, 500 local minutes, and limitless WiFi for one month. 
  • 150 SR with 10 GB, unlimited applications, and 1500 local minutes valid for one month.

To all costs add 5% assessments. After downloading the Jawwy Application and completing registration, log in to your account by entering your sign-in ID, if there is no chargeable action for 90 sequential days, SIM will be deactivated and the service will be dropped. 

For recharging your account, you can use ordinary Sawa revive vouchers from STC.

Data Options

Open the  Jawwy application on your mobile or your personal account online to alter your month to month repeating the base plan of data and minutes by browsing the following choices for data.

First, you need to pick a base plan. You can up-and cut back the data plans anytime by the application. To upsize, you will be charged the value cost. 

All plans contain 100 all net min (more can be added), 3000 on-net mins, and a data standard for 30 days: 


Data Price

1 GB

30 SR

3 GB

60 SR

5 GB

75 SR

10 GB

100 SR

15 GB

110 SR

20 GB

120 SR

50 GB

150 SR




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