Iqama for new born baby in Saudi Arabia

Congrats! For being blessed with a child. As a resident of Saudia Arabia, your top priority must be applying and making a newly born baby iqama. The methodology includes numerous steps. You will require a few documents, filling and submitting forms, an appointment letter for Ahwal Al Madni, and Jawazat and furthermore paying a levy … Read more

Iqama Job / Mehna Check

  The Saudi government is severe when it comes to migration and labor policy consistency, especially on account of the expatriate workforce. Before a non-Saudi public may work in Saudi Arabia, the applicant requires local sponsorship. This is a local boss that will apply and make sure about the important work license and residency permit  … Read more

Check iqama Expiry Query Fines Funds Huroob Red Green

This article consists of these Expatriates related topics, Check iqama Expiry, Fine, Funds, Huroob, Nitqat red green colors, Kafeel name. If you are a foreigner in Saudi Arabia, you must know how to check iqama expiry. Usually, this date is not mentioned on the card. It is an ID proof for expatriates in Saudi Arabia. … Read more

How to check national address by iqama number?

Saudi National Address web portal offers the support to check the national address by iqama number on the web. To use the web portal, you need an iqama number and the mobile number enrolled with the online portal. Prior to continuing, you should ensure that the iqama is valid.  On 3 June 2013 Saudi Arabian … Read more

iqama Application Check Status, Fee, Process [Download Form]

All the details about iqama application, You can check status, Fees, and Process. you can also download the form for dependents family or newborn baby. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) includes in the largest Muslim nation of the world, having an estimated 31.8 million population as per 2016 statistics. The Saudi community comprises approx. … Read more