Check iqama Mehna or profession status [change process and Fees]

iqama profession

You can check iqama Mehna or profession within few minutes with the help of this straightforward guide in KSA. We will also help to change the job. Saudi Arabic government issues “Iqama” as per their policy to manage foreign hire’s employment in the country. Saudi government offers iqama or residence permit to the expatriates staying … Read more

how to check iqama status with border number in KSA

In many cases, expatriates ask for a procedure to check iqama status with border number. Because in such cases they don’t have their iqama id so they want to check with border number. Today we are going to explain the process with the help of an easy tutorial. First of all, you need the Absher … Read more

Iqama name change in Saudi Arabia

In case of any mistake by Jawazat department name can be incorrect on your iqama. If it happens then You can’t buy a SIM card to talk with your family and friends and you can’t open a bank account to send money to your country etc. But this problem can be solved by changing the … Read more

How many sims registered on my iqama? check now


So you are looking for the number of sims registered on your iqama in KSA? Don’t worry, we have described step by step procedure to check sims on iqama. There are three methods With mobile number CITC portal Without mobile number The easiest method to check sims on iqama is with a mobile number. Just … Read more

iqama Date Converter [Arabic to English] or [Hijri to Gregorian]

iqama date converter

Today we are going to share a secure method for an iqama date converter. You can convert English to Arabic date or Hijri to the Gregorian calendar. As we know, Majorly, the world follows English Calendar, but Saudi Arabia follows Arabic or Hijri calendar. So it becomes Expatriates to understand Arabic dates because they are … Read more