Hunting trend is getting common in KSA

As we know Arabic people are always fond of hunting even they are known for hunting in surrounding countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal and many others. This year we can see a massive increase in hunting trends. Maybe due to covid19 people are just fed up by living in homes.

There are many kinds of hunting tools that are getting huge demand in KSA and other Arabic countries due to this trend.

In past, we have seen that it was the hobby of princes in the gulf to hunt different birds but these days we have seen that common people are also involved in this trend.

Falcons are also in high demand because many types of hunting use falcons for this purpose.

Officially there are many areas in KSA that are prohibited for hunting but people usually go to other countries where they can find many other oppertunties.

Arab world and other countries role

Now different countries are making new laws to prevent hunting of rare specious and overall wildlife but they issue special permits to Arab princes due to their deep pockets.

man standing while holding hunting rifle

according to recent news, middle east countries spend millions of dollars for the growth of different birds in different countries and making safe places for them.

Even though hunting is not promoted and there are many laws that prevent wildlife. But due to the deep pockets of Arabic princes, many countries are still safe havens for them and they also invest huge amounts for this.

I think wildlife organizations must take strong actions to prevent the environment so that rare birds can grow in a free environment.

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