Check Fine on Iqama in Saudi Arabia (Complete Process)

Now you can check all traffic violation Fine on Iqama within few minutes with the help of this complete guide. In Saudi Arabia, Rules are stringent, and whenever you violate any traffic rule, their automatic systems add Fine in your account, which shows with the help of your iqama.

I have seen usually drivers are not aware of rules and don’t know how strict the rules are in KSA. This is the reason most expat drivers break traffic rules here and face many issues including heavy fines.

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Step by step guide to Check Fine on Iqama

To check Fine on iqama first you need to visit this portal: Visit now

Now if you see the same as below screen. Then fill this according to given options in this screenshot.

  1. In id number write your iqama id.
  2. In the image code, write above give captcha code.

ksa iqama fine


If you see a similar screen as given below then you also need to provide violation id:

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Note: Usually violation id exists in SMS which you receive upon any violation.

iqama fine in KSA

After filling the form, you can see these results.

You can see that there is: 0 SAR fine on this iqama. It means this iqama is not involved in any Violation till now. You can also check how many unpaid violations you have until now. If you have any overdue Violation fine, you need to pay it as soon as possible because it can create trouble for you at any point.

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fine on iqama

you can also check this video for more details

According to my experience if you live as a responsible person in KSA, then there is no issue for any expatriate. I have seen many people face problems because they break the rules. Govt of KSA takes action against rule breakers. They strictly follow all the policies.

If you still have questions about fine you can ask in the comments section.

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