Check iqama Fees in Saudi Arabia [Updated 2020]

It is a complete guide to check iqama fees for Dependents, workers, labor, doctors, engineers, Drivers, babies, wife and family. You can also check the insurance Details for iqama in KSA.

KSA govt increase prices regularly so it is a good habit to keep yourself updated with new fees and rules if you are living KSA. Otherwise, you can face issues and in worst cases, you can face visa cancelation issues.

Table of New Iqama Fees in 2019

If your Company has more than 50% Saudi Nationals as employees then your Fees will be the following:

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
750 Saudi Riyal6000 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal7200 Saudi Riyal

If your Company has more than 50% Expatriates as employees then your Fees will be the following:

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
750 Saudi Riyal7200 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal8400 Saudi Riyal


Iqama fee for wife is 500 SAR per year. You have to pay it every year Renewal price is also the same.


Drivers come under the general category, so above table apply to all drivers in KSA. It is advised that you don’t drive your car before the renewal of iqama.

Newborn baby

For newborn baby, you have to pay the 200SAR fee for iqama purpose. It is advised to take all the precautions as early as possible.

A detailed guide for a newborn baby is available at this website. Read now


For family, the fee is 500 SAR per year. But the cost can vary if there are more adults in the family as well as it can change for school going kids.


Fee for dependents is also 500 SAR, but it can vary if more dependents are above 18 years.


The renewal is the same as given in the above table. You have to pay the same price every year until Govt changes it.


If your iqama fee is delayed, then you have three days grace period after this period you have to pay extra penalty charges which increase day by day after Expiry of iqama.


you should complain to your Kafeel as soon as possible if you have lost iqama Fee Saudi govt provides a duplicate of iqama in case of loss.

Iqama transfer fee

It is the schedule of transfer for iqama in KSA.

First Transfer: 2000 SAR

2nd Transfer: 4000 SAR

3rd Transfer: 6000 SAR

Once there was a time when KSA was the heaven of Expatriates. Poor labors or skilled people were happy because they were getting nice income upon their hard work.

But now the situation is different, Saudi Govt is increasing prices of iqama every year. Every company needs to hire a significant number of Saudi people.

In this situation, it is tough for expatriates to survive in KSA. But sponsors and Govt don’t think about Expats. They only want to give facilities to Saudi citizens.

There are no rights for Expats, The inflation rate is high, and prices are going up every year.

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