Check iqama Expiry Date and Status in Saudi Arabia 2021

Nowadays we are noticing that Govt has made difficult the process of iqama expiry checking in KSA.

In past, we have seen that it was easy to check iqama status with help of MOI and MOL portals.

But now after the introduction of Absher Portal, it has become difficult because it is necessary to register yourself with help of a local Saudi Arabia mobile number.

On the other hand, Many expatriates who are spending vacations outside KSA also want to check iqama status because iqama renewal is necessary every year.

But it is also difficult because all portals like MOL, MOI, Absher, Jawazat Department, Wazarat Amal are only accessible if you are living inside Saudi Arabia.

Especially in the situation of the covid19 pandemic. When many foreign workers want to leave KSA due to uncertain situations of work they must need an easy process to check iqama status and get an exit visa.

So we are writing few easy ways for expatriate workers to check iqama status in KSA in 2021.

Check iqama expiry Status with the MOL portal

Let me explain the query iqama expiry service step by step.

iqama expiry date

  1. First of all visit Ministry of Labour portal. This is the link.
  2. Now go to the first option and write the iqama number.
  3. In Date type select “Gregorian”. Because Hijri Calendar is followed only in KSA.
  4. In date of Birth write the correct date of birth according to your id card.
  5. Fill in the Captcha image code.
  6. Now click on View and you can see the iqama expiration date.

iqama date

Check expiry date with help of Absher Portal

it is a bit difficult as compared to the first method. But Saudi Arabia Government is promoting the Absher portal so let me explain it in easy steps.

  1. In this method first, we need to visit the Absher portal. here you can get the link.
  2. Then we need to Register our account but for registration purposes, it is necessary to have a local Saudi mobile number because you will get a confirmation code on mobile.
  3. now click on registration and fill the form as described in this image.

absher account

After submitting this form you will receive a verification code on the given number. write it on the next page.

Note: You can get this verification outside Saudi Arabia but the sim should be a Saudi Arabia’s network like Zain or mobily etc.

After doing the registration the portal will be open so you can check everything related to iqama. you can also check details about residency permits, Exit/re-entry permit, expat health insurance, country of residence, passports, medical certificate, Job title, and much more information.

Check Huroob and Kafeel details

you can check Huroob status in the Absher portal, due to covid19 Saudi Govt has given a bit of relaxation but it is still necessary to get iqama renewal on time.

Renewal Information

It is necessary to know that Maktab Amal and Jawazat department works for renewal purpose in Saudi Arabia. you can get an online application form for renewal and can pay the annual fee via a bank account or ATM card. The procedure is the same for dependents fees.