Check Iqama Red or Green colors (Kafeel and Mosasa Nitqat)

iqama red green colors

So you are here to check iqama status if it is green yellow or red color? or curious to know Mosasa and Kafeel Nitqat details? We will show the complete procedure to check all the status. But few questions are important before checking this. you should know the meaning of Red, Green and yellow status … Read more

Check Fine on Iqama in Saudi Arabia (Complete Process)

iqama fine

Now you can check all traffic violation Fine on Iqama within few minutes with the help of this complete guide. In Saudi Arabia, Rules are stringent, and whenever you violate any traffic rule, their automatic systems add Fine in your account, which shows with the help of your iqama. I have seen usually drivers are … Read more

Check Iqama Huroob Status [Khurooj Removal in 2020]

iqama huroob khurooj

Today we are going to share an easy and latest method to check iqama Huroob status and process to remove it easily. It also called Khurooj in Arabic. In 2020 all the methods are online and easy as compare to past Now it’s easy to Remove Huroob due to the online process.   First, for … Read more

Check Iqama Expiry Date Without Absher [MOI Query in KSA 2020]

iqama expiry

Here we have explained secure methods to check Iqama expiry date and MOI Query in Saudi Arabia. You can also see Mehna status, Validity, Kafeel name, Red Green colors, funds, fines, fee, Wazarat Amal, and Absher details with the help of our easy guide. There are two methods to check iqama properly. Absher Wazarat Amal … Read more