How to register national address KSA?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an attractive destination for job seekers and workers. Thousands of people move there in search of a better life. when expatriates get jobs in KSA, they definitely have to love there. so, for this concern, they have to register national address KSA.   The Saudi government asks a foreigner to … Read more

SOCPA Professional Registration in KSA

Ministry of Labor and Social Development prerequisites the registration for the foreigners operating as accountants and monetary occupants for membership and official registration from the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA). Recently, the Saudi organization for Certified Public Accountants has reported and made it compulsory that every Saudi expat working in the accounting, finance, … Read more

How to cancel SIM on my Iqama in KSA?

After finding out numbers on your name, you can easily deactivate, block or cancel sim by visiting the offices of the respective mobile service provider.  For the cancellation process, you must show your iqama to fulfill your identity verification. After verification, the SIM will be deactivated within a few minutes.  Additionally, you can also block … Read more

How to check the balance in Zain? 

Zain Mobile Telecommunication is a leading telecom company across the Middle East and North Africa. Zain owes a commercial presence in eight countries across the Middle East, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is serving 49.5 million active customers as of December 2019. If you have a Zain SIM or going to buy … Read more

Procedure to get National Address Print online

The national address is one of the compulsory documents required in banks, insurance, and internet connection. So, you should have a national address print with yourself.  Saudi National Address online portal offers the support to check national address by iqama number on the web. To utilize the web portal, you need the iqama number and … Read more