iqama transfer check, Fee, Status, Rules, Process [Naqal Kafala]

Today we will discuss iqama transfer checking procedure and all other details like its fee, rules, status. It also Called Naqal Kafala in KSA. As we know After new rules and regulations almost all the expatriates worried. Because Govt has taken every kind of freedom from Expatriates and we are totally in the hands of … Read more

check iqama date of birth and issuance [Correction or Change]

iqama date of birth

Today we are going to discuss the iqama date of birth change or correction method and issuance date checking process. As I have seen many people face problems due to the miss management of Maktab Amal. Printing mistakes are a common issue so many people ask for the date of birth correction. Don’t worry we … Read more

iqama Date Converter [Arabic to English] or [Hijri to Gregorian]

iqama date converter

Today we are going to share a secure method for an iqama date converter. You can convert English to Arabic date or Hijri to the Gregorian calendar. As we know, Majorly, the world follows English Calendar, but Saudi Arabia follows Arabic or Hijri calendar. So it becomes Expatriates to understand Arabic dates because they are … Read more

Check Visa Validity | Status | Exit Re-entry | Mofa [KSA 2020]

visa validity

These days there are many issues related to Visa validity in KSA. Because they have changed online portals. So Now you need to register on Absher to check Validity and expiry dates of Visit, Exit re-entry, Mofa visa or Muqeem status. But still, you can check it on E-serve portal maybe this will also shift … Read more

Check iqama Fees in Saudi Arabia [Updated 2020]

iqama fee

It is a complete guide to check iqama fees for Dependents, workers, labor, doctors, engineers, Drivers, babies, wife and family. You can also check the insurance Details for iqama in KSA. KSA govt increase prices regularly so it is a good habit to keep yourself updated with new fees and rules if you are living … Read more