Internet Packages and Offers for Mobily Users

Mobily is a telecommunication company of KSA providing its services since 2004. They offer 3G/4G internet services along with phone call service in the Saudi region at a low price.  Connecting with people in a country or all over the world is the need of time. Everyone wants to live online. They prefer to buy … Read more

STC Internet Packages and Offers in Saudi Arabia [New]

In this article, we will discuss the STC internet packages and offers, so if you are living in KSA, this article will be extremely helpful for you.  STC for Saudi Telecom Organization, generally possessed by the state, is a market pioneer in Saudi Arabia with the best coverage and speed all through the nation: mobile … Read more

How to check the balance on STC network in KSA?

STC (Saudi Telecom Company) is a Saudi-based company working in telecommunications that offer landline services, mobile services, and internet services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. People living in KSA using STC SIM cards can easily check their mobile or internet balance. Saudi Telecom Company is the major telecommunication company in Saudi Arabia, which is … Read more

CCHI Insurance in Saudi Arabia for Expats

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance is redesigning the health level of the target audience in private health insurance, ensuring the rights of the insured the health insurance, and giving administrative, supervisory services and upgrading them through computerized implies. As an insurance holder, you would like to check your CCHI insurance. But before that, you … Read more

Muqeem Visa Validity Check Service in KSA

Muqeem Visa Validity:  The time span between the issuance date and the expiry date of your visa is called visa validity. You can travel and return to the nation within a span of visa validity. It implies you can utilize your visa for going as long as it is valid.  A visa can be given … Read more