Iqama Insurance Check in Saudi Arabia 2020 [Easy method]

Health Insurance is essential for the issuance and renewal of Iqama. Health Insurance is compulsory for all foreign residents and their family members living in KSA. You can visit the CCHI ( Council of Cooperative Health Insurance website) to check your insurance validity online. Iqama Health Insurance Check through CCHI online portal  You can check … Read more

Iqama Job / Mehna Check

  The Saudi government is severe when it comes to migration and labor policy consistency, especially on account of the expatriate workforce. Before a non-Saudi public may work in Saudi Arabia, the applicant requires local sponsorship. This is a local boss that will apply and make sure about the important work license and residency permit  … Read more

What is Jawazat?

  While you are going to Saudi Arabia as a newbie, it will be the second new Arabic word you will hear after Iqama. I believe that many of us still don’t know what Jawazat is? And what is Jawazat for? And why is Jawazat important?  We are here to help you in this regard. … Read more

How to check iqama bill for STC Mobily or electricity in KSA

While living in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner, checking your Iqama bill may be among your top priorities. In case of late bill payment, it may cause many troubles for you. So it is necessary to check and make your bill payments in time. Thus, here are the methods that will help you to view … Read more

Dependent fees of Iqama in Saudi Arabia 2020

KSA government is severe with migration and work strategy, especially on account of expats. Before a non-Saudi person may work in KSA, the applicant requires local support. This is a local employer that will apply and ensure the essential work license and residency card (Iqama), for the worker to work and remain in the nation. … Read more