End of Service Benefits in Saudi Arabia 2021

End of service benefits is crucial for foreign employees in KSA. Like other developed countries, Saudi Arabia is one of the top attractive places for job seekers with a lot of benefits.  When a fresh graduate applies for a job, the applicant tries to get satisfied with the company’s policies. Because in many cases, a … Read more

Al Rajhi Bank Online Open Account in Saudi Arabia

Al Rajhi Bank is a Saudi Arabian bank and the world’s largest Islamic bank by capital as per the 2015 report. The bank is a prime investor in Saudi Arabia’s business and is one of the largest joint-stock companies in Saudi Arabia, with over SR 330.5 billion in AUM and over 600 branches. The banking … Read more

CCHI Insurance in Saudi Arabia for Expats; Procedure and Details

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance is redesigning the health level of the target audience in private health insurance, ensuring the rights of the insured the health insurance, and giving administrative, supervisory services and upgrading them through computerized implies. As an insurance holder, you would like to check your CCHI insurance. But before that, you … Read more

SOCPA Professional Registration in Saudi Arabia 2020

Ministry of Labor and Social Development prerequisites the registration for the foreigners operating as accountants and monetary occupants for membership and official registration from the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA). Recently, the Saudi organization for Certified Public Accountants has reported and made it compulsory that every Saudi expat working in the accounting, finance, … Read more

Exit/Re-Entry Saudi Arabia Rules 2020

An exit visa is a government-granted document permitting an individual to leave a nation.  Most worries about acquiring a visa are related to the entrance of a nation by a non-resident, and that individual’s right to work there or remain long term. However, some nations require exit visas also.  Understanding the Exit Visa  Nations that … Read more