Check Iqama Status, Expiry Date, Validity, Fee, Huroob and Kafeel details

Now you can quickly check iqama Expiry Date, Status, Validity, Huroob removal Process, funds, fee, renewal, Kafeel, number, Query, Mosasa, and many other details. We have developed this site to help Overseas people or visa holders, So they can quickly get all the details on a few clicks and within a few minutes with the help of visa or passport numbers.

Saudi Arabia is the land of opportunities, so people come here on Visa from all over the world to seek jobs. There is a massive scope of all kind of jobs in this country. If you belong to any profession, then it is straightforward to find work here. But it is necessary for all expatriates to have iqama if they want to stay in Saudi Arabia.

Check iqama Huroob status and removal process

As we now the process has changed in 2019. so it is necessary to register on Absher to check iqama Huroob details. you can follow the below-given procedure to register on Absher where you can check Huroob status on your iqama.

How to Check Iqama Expiry date?

We have two options to check the expiry date and Huroob. 1st directly click on below link, enter your id number and system will show you the complete status.

Click Here To Check Now

Manual Guide to check the Expiry date

Note: Now Saudi Govt has changed all the process to check Iqama expiry status or all other details related to iqama or visa. So please check below tutorial to easily check all of the details.

1: write this website on your browser address bar:

Now click on below mentioned option “individual”

iqama check

2: now click on “Englishif you are new in KSA

iqama expiry

3: Please note: if you have already registered on “Absher” you can put your login details here. and click on login. But if you are not already registered on Absher. Then follow below registeration procees.

absher login for iqama

Absher Registration

4:click here on NEW USER option

5: Now fill all the details as I have explained in below image.

write each and every thing correct. They will send a verification code to your phone number.

iqama registration

6: After completing phone verification. You have successfully registered. Now login in Absher and click on relevant option to check iqama expiry details.

If you receive any date in Hijri calendar formate kindly check below link and convert it in English date format.

Click to convert the date in English 

Iqama Renewal fee for 2019

If your Company has more than 50% Saudi Nationals as employees then your Fees will be the following:

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
750 Saudi Riyal6000 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal7200 Saudi Riyal

If your Company has more than 50% Expatriates as employees then your Fees will be the following:

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
750 Saudi Riyal7200 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal8400 Saudi Riyal

Check Iqama Funds with Visa or passport number

You can check Iqama funds on the page of validation. You need to visit Saudi Arabia official site and write details. It will show all the Funds on that page.

Note: this is the link where you can check available funds with help of visa.

Visit now

These days this site is facing issue sometime it didn’t open so you can wait for one day and check again.

If you don’t have enough funds available in your account, you can visit the nearest bank and deposit funds in the account. Fund will become available very next day of Deposit.

You can also apply for loans in local banks if you need amount for renewal of Iqama. Banks can provide the desired amount if the Kafeel gives your guarantee. But you must have to refund them in decided period if you want to keep your record safe in Saudi Arabia.

If your Kafeel doesn’t provide your Guarantee to the bank, then other Saudi citizens can also provide it for you.

Please keep in mind if you don’t pay fees within three days of expiry. You can get instant Huroob and Exit from Govt so to stay safe from Huroob it is necessary to renew Iqama before Expiry.

Procedure to apply for Iqama for the first time with a valid visa

We are writing a complete method to get Saudi iqama very first time. It keeps valid only for one year. It is the legal right of every employee, and you should have it within 90 days of arrival in the country. So the employer must arrange it for you within 90 days.

  1. The first task is to perform a medical test. A medical examination will be held in an approved hospital in your nearest area.
  2. In the hospital, they will take the following tests.
    1. Xrays
    2. Hiv/Aids
    3. hearing
    4. sight
    5. cholera tests
    6. blood test
    7. stool tests
  3. After all these tests, you can collect your reports within 2,3 days. All of your reports will also be sent to the ministry of interior.
  4. It is a different test don’t assume it the medical examination which you have passed in your country. It will be taken after your arrival in KSA.
  5. After medical, you need to approve your degrees from the education department. When this approval is done, you can apply.
  6. When you receive Iqama, make sure your name is correct on it, and all other details are correct.

How to know iqama and Huroob Details?know your iqama

  • Name: your name will be mention here both in Arabic and English
  • Photo: passport-sized picture will be mentioned at the left side.
  • Iqama number: Bellow your name number will be written.
  • Place: after it, you can see the location of the issue.
  • Date of birth and date of expiry will be mention bellow your place name.
  • After that, you can see your profession name.
  • You can see your nationality and religion bellow your profession.
  • In the last two lines, you can see the work permit and your sponsor/Kafeel name.

Iqama Renewal Procedure and Guide

During your stay in KSA, it is necessary to renew your Iqama before Expiry. If you don’t care and go for renewal after expiry, it can create troubles for you, and there are chances of extra fees due to late.

Saudi Arabia is a strict country about rules, so I will advise that you should renew your Iqama before Expiry.

In the beginning, all the procedure was manual, so It was difficult time taking process. But now, it is straightforward to renew due to the use of technology. Now you can renew it online.

First, you need to visit govt relations officer or HR office of your company. Then ask them to apply for renewal through E-service.

You need to pay fees for renewing, fee changes every year. So you can check the fee schedule of the current year in the above table.

For the African and Asians, mostly Urdu Hindi residents. It is necessary to pass a medical test every time before Renewal of Iqama. So you again need to follow above given procedure of medical tests.

Once the process is done, you will be notified through SMS, and you can collect your renewed Saudi Iqama from your concerned Visa validity department.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

How to check Red Green status?

Answer: We have shared a detailed post about it. You can check here the Red, green status.

How can I check Kafeel name?

Answer: in the last line, you will a sponsor name field the sponsor is Kafeel.

How can I check iqama Huroob?

please follow the first headline to check the status of Huroob.

How can I check my Iqama number?

you can check it on your card it is mentioned below your photo.

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