Check iqama Expiry Date Status in 2020 KSA | Easy Methods

Now it is easy to check Iqama expiry date in KSA because Govt has Launched easy portals to help expatriates. These online portals including Absher, MOL, MOI, and Maktab Amal help to know all the details related to expatriates.

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This is the list of facilities you can check in these portals.

  • Expiry date
  • Grama
  • Mukhalfa
  • Kafeel name
  • Penalities
  • Fees
  • Huroob
  • Renewal dates
  • Traffic violation fines
  • Red green status

I have mentioned a few major features but you can see almost every detail related to expatriates with help of iqama number.

Now let’s see how we can check expiry date easily with few clicks.

Check Iqama Expiry Date with Absher

In past days it was easy for expats to check all the details. Because all the details were publically available on the MOI website. But in 2020 the Saudi govt and Jawazat Department have changed rules. Now you have to register on Absher Portal to check the Expiry date and many other services.

Note: Now you can also see iqama details on the Maktab Amal website.

iqama form

It is necessary to live in KSA for registration purposes. Because Absher Require phone verification for registration purposes and you can only register with Saudi phone number.

Now we are sharing the complete method for registration and checking your info on Absher.

1: Firstly, search for Absher in the browser.

Now click on the below-mentioned option “individual”.

check iqama in KSA


2: Secondly, click on “Englishif you are new in KSA.

check iqama

3: Please note: if you have already registered on “Absher”. Then write the username and password. Here we also need to enter image code and click on the login.

But if you are not already registered on Absher. Then follow below registration process.

iqama expiry check



Absher Registration service

4:click here on NEW USER option



5: Now fill all the details as I have explained in the below image.

Now, You will a verification code to your mobile number.

Note: Please enter all the details correctly including iqama number and date of birth.

registration form for iqama


6: After completing phone verification. You have successfully registered. Now login in Absher app and click on the relevant option to check iqama details.

Convert Hijri Calender in Gregorian or English Date

If you have received the expiry date in the Hijri calendar format. kindly visit the below link and convert it in English date format or gregorian calendar.

iqama date Converter


Iqama Expiry checking without Absher

It is not necessary to have your separate Absher account for checking status. There are two methods to check it without Absher.

  1. You can write your number on a friend’s mobile. if he has a login in Absher you can see your details on his mobile.
  2. you can visit the Maktab Amal portal to check the iqama expiry date without Registration.

Renewal fees for Expired iqama in 2020

If your Company has more than 50% Saudi Nationals as employees then your Fees will be the following:

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
750 Saudi Riyal6000 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal7200 Saudi Riyal

If your Company has more than 50% Expatriates as employees then your Fees will be the following:

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
750 Saudi Riyal7200 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal8400 Saudi Riyal

Saudi Arabia is the land of opportunities. Therefore, People come here on Visa from all over the world to seek jobs. There is a massive scope of all kinds of jobs in this country.

In addition, If you belong to any profession, then it is straightforward to find work here.

However, it is necessary for all expatriates to have iqama if they want to stay in Saudi Arabia.

Iqama Fines and penalties

It is recommended to renew your iqama before expiration because it is valid for 1 year only. However, if you cannot renew it Saudi govt Provides 3 days grace period. But if you don’t renew it after spending 3 days then you need to pay heavy fines.

The penalty fines amount depends on the days you have spent without paying fees. Saudi Police can catch you at any point if you have expired iqama. Penalty fines also called Grama in the local language.

  1. First penalty: If you renew late for the first time you have to pay 500 SAR as a fine.
  2. Second Penalty: If you make it late again then fine will be 1000SAR for the second time.
  3. Final penalty: This time is the final penalty they will impose 1000SAr fine and deport you immediately.

We will recommend contacting the sponsor as soon as possible in this case. Because If you become late Kafeel can take action and files Huroob.

Read more details here about fines

Iqama Red Green Yellow checking and it’s Meaning (Nitqat colors)

Green: When you check the status and it shows Green It means your company or Kafeel has fulfilled all the requirements of Saudi Govt and you are completely safe. So no need to worry if your status color is green.

Yellow: when you see that color of status is yellow it means your company has not fulfilled all requirements of KSA Govt so they are on checking the list they should meet all demands as soon as possible otherwise govt can put your company in red list.

Red: If the status is red it is the signal of danger for expatriates. because the company is not following all the requirements of Govt and after deadlines govt has added them in the red list so your company can get ban anytime and you will be fired.

iqama process infographic

It is necessary for every expatriate to keep checking the status of the company or sponsor regularly if any time you see yellow or red status then inform your company and ask them to fulfill Govt requirements.

Important Notes:

  • If iqama expires after the final exit then you must renew it before leaving KSA. Otherwise, you can face serious troubles in case of the next entry.
  • Do you want an exit re-entry Visa? make sure your iqama is valid until you come back.
  • Public query iqama expiry service is not available now you just need to install Absher to check details. It is almost impossible to check iqama expiry without the Absher login.
  • If your iqama expires while on vacation. Then you must inform your Kafeel. Because airport police will stop you until your Kafeel contact them and ask to leave you.
  • MOI [Ministory of interior] and MOFA [Ministory of foreign affairs] websites are no longer providing iqama checking services so Absher is necessary.
  • It is not possible to renew iqama with an expired passport so make it sure to have a valid passport before renewal procedure.
  • it is not possible to go exit with expired iqama so make sure the validity of iqama before leaving KSA.
  • Jawazat and Maktab Amal are the departments that deal with every issue related to iqama and passports.
  • All the rules for Saiq Khas or House drivers are the same now.


Now Saudi Govt has announced a free extension for 3 months due to Covid 19. So all expatriates can enjoy 3 months free grace period.

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  1. How can i check if i have something to pay any amount under my iqama?
    Please help me.

    • Now the system has changed, You need to register yourself on Absher app to check your iqama funds.

  2. If someone iqama expired & also in huroob . What will he do ? What the procedure to exit and come back on new visa ?

    • Dear Mr, M. Saif, Only Jail, before he go for his home town, and if he is in Hurob he will not be able to come KSA at least 5 years which I knew.

  3. I had got Haroob In October 2016 from Riyadh. How do i know my ban period? Mostly how long period they are banning it for entry in KSA?
    Pls help me in this regards. Thanks
    I am in my country since 22 Oct, 2016 (3 years, 1 month, 13 days) from today.

    • Dear Brother,

      for your kind information that, you are not eligible to come KSA unless 5 years, that’s the policy, further I don’t know how to check what’s your current status.

  4. Hi,ive been an expatriate for 6 months before i worked in my non sponsor,who is irresponsible and she dont even give me my iqama .my passport was on her hands.
    What is the best solution to check my current status ,am i huroob or not,also how to check my iqama number thru passport number.

  5. Hi Sir,

    As per little research that i have done, Final Exit Visa is valid for 60 days.
    If my Final Exit visa was processed on 1st Jan (Valid for 60 more days) but if my Iqama is expiring on 5th Jan.

    Do i Need to leave KSA before 5th Jan (Iqama Expiry Date) or i can stay in the Kingdom till my Final Exit visa expires.

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