Check iqama Expiry Date or Validity Status without Absher

I am sharing an easy method to check iqama expiry date and validity status without Absher portal. It is now easy with help of the MOL portal.

Note: Now you can access MOL website from all countries, there is no restriction

It is great news for expatriates living outside of KSA at the moment. Especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or the Philippines. Now you can access the MOL portal to check iqama expiry date during vacations.

Important Note: We are completely updating this article because procedure changed and now its really easy to check expiry. In 2022 you can follow this easy guide.

As we know Jawazat department and Wazarat amal works under the ministry of interior and ministry of labor so we can see details related to the Jawazat department on these portals.

Now let me explain the procedure in easy words.

Check iqama expiry date status in KSA

  1. First of all visit this address by clicking here.
  2. From the above menu change the language “Arabic to English“.
  3. Now Click on the NEW USER button on the below side.

see this image for more details:

check iqama in KSA

Now you can see a form so let me explain how to fill this.

  1. In the first field Write your iqama id or border number.
  2. In the second field write your date of birth. kindly click on Gregorian to convert it to English date format.
  3. The third field is Captcha image so fill it with the same code showing in the image.
  4. Then click on the Next button.

See the below image for details:

iqama expiry date without absher


See the below image for the date conversion method from Hijri to Gregorian.

convert iqama date

All done. Now you can see all the details including the iqama Expiry date. As shown in this image.

iqama status

You can check the following details in this section:

  • iqama expiry date
  • Nationality of iqama holder
  • Gender
  • Username
  • First name
  • Last name

Important Note: Though it is easy to check validity status without Absher with the help of this method. But you cannot see many details here.

If you want to see everything Like, Huroob status, company red or green status, iqama fines, renewal fees, dependant fees, and Sponsor or Kafeel details then it is possible only with help of the Absher portal.

If you want to check the complete details of iqama then I will suggest seeing this easy guide to making an Absher account.

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