Check iqama Expiry Date without Absher using MOL 2021

As we know Saudi Govt has introduced the facility on the MOL website. So now it’s easy to check iqama expiry date without the Absher portal Where Saudi citizens and Expatriates can Access all the iqama expiry details without making an Absher account.

So let us explain the procedure in easy steps.

Check iqama Expiry Date in MOL KSA

First of all, visit the ministry of labor website which has a specially designed iqama check section with the name of Wazarat Amal. Because the Jawazat and Amal department deals with your iqama issues in KSA.

Just visit it here: Ministry of Labor Portal

Note: This website is accessible only in Saudi Arabia, it’s prohibited for outside visitors.

Now you will see the below-given section. So just fill it with help of the below-given steps.

check iqama expiry

Note: if it opens in the Arabic language then select English from the above menu.

Step by step procedure for checking the expiry

1: Now write ” your iqama number” or “border number” in first field.

2: Then write your “date of birth” in the second field and convert the date format from the Hijri calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

date of birth iqama

3: In the third field just fill out the captcha image code.

4: Now click on the View button and you can check iqama expiry date in this portal.

As you can see the expiry date of Saudi iqama in the below-mentioned photo. So it is the simplest method.


iqama status

It is possible to check the following information on the above-mentioned portal.

  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • iqama holder’s mobile number
  • Full name

you can easily check iqama Expiry date with help of this method. But if you want to see other details Like your iqama Huroob, Kafeel name, the red green status of your company. Then you must need an Absher account for the detailed information.

I hope this guide will help you to make an Absher account. You can check by click on this link. Absher Registration complete guide.

You can download the Absher app from the play store or iPhone app store but wazarat amal portal is only available on web.

We have also included easy guides to solve all the above-mentioned iqama-related issues. So just hang around and solve your iqama validity issues.